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Experienced psychologist in Vejle

Experienced and empathetic psychologist Hanne Koch, authorized by the Danish Psychology Association, is a clinical specialist in psychotherapy and an accredited EMDR practitioner.

Areas of Expertise

At Psykologklinikken Koch in Vejle, Hanne specializes in trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more, offering tailored support through modalities like EMDR therapy and a mentalization-based approach.

Hanne also works with clients, who deal with stress, grief and loss, abuse, aggression, identity issues and life crisis among others. Hanne tailors the right support and process for each client. Both acute and delayed reactions to trauma are accommodated.

Trauma is targeted by using trauma focused therapy techniques, e.g. prolonged Exposure Therapy, EMDR treatment and structured crisis talks, along with 3rd generation cognitive therapy, compassion focused therapy and mindfulness.


Flexible Consultations Services: Online or in Person

Clients can benefit from in-person or online consultations, with services available for individuals, couples, and students.  
Are you not located in or around Vejle, and you wish to be a client, it is possible to set up online sessions to limit your transport. The connection will be on a safe and encrypted platform, so the sessions will remain in private, and you will be guided through the setup.

Payment Options

Consultations are for individuals, groups, couples, families, and students. It is also possible to book Hanne for presentations or teaching sessions for private event.
Hanne's practice accepts health insurance plans, providing clients with flexibility and accessibility.


Contact Psykologklinikken Koch in Vejle

If you are struggling and want to talk to an experienced psychologist in Vejle, you can reach out to Hanne Koch and book a consultation via phone: +45 22 50 27 66 or email: info@koch-psyk.dk.